Default Router Username and Password List

You can view the default username and password for your router by selecting it from the list below. To find out your router’s IP address, click here.

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It is your router that connects you to the Internet, and because it is so important, if you are not familiar with computer settings, you might be wary of doing it. We demonstrate that you should not be frightened of router passwords here at Router Passwords. Our team will provide you with detailed directions and every detail you need to know.

By changing your username and password or finding your IP address, you are not only capable of performing simple tasks with your router, but also repairing simple issues, such as a lagging internet connection. If you want to hit the reset button, you don’t need to rely on someone who is tech savvy or call a company that will charge you a fee. You can do it yourself.

It is possible to find your brand of router, as well as information regarding that particular model of router, with Router Passwords. We will provide you with information based on the brand of the router, whether that is Netgear, Tp-Link, or another one, so you won’t have to go through countless websites just to obtain general information.

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How Reset Your Router

In case you forgot the password for the router that you manually configured earlier, you may want to factory reset it so it goes back to default settings. All manual configurations like WiFi network names (SSIDs), passwords, guest networks, IP blocks, etc. will be reset after performing a router reset.

The method of performing a factory reset is to look at the back of your router. You will find a small button labeled RESET. Press this button for 5 seconds, and the lights should blink, indicating the process was successful.